We got to my apartment in about ten minutes, but it seemed longer . I could tell He was as anxious, but not as nervous as I was, I hadn’t thought of what my reaction would be the next morning, I didn’t even want to at that moment. I ushered him into my apartment, he walked behind me, I could tell he was observing my petit behind as i intentionally swung it and bent down in front of him trying to lock the door to the main entrance. He grabbed my waist from behind, his warm breath on my skin, as he kissed my neck, I stood there; still in shock and at the same time wanting more, he put my back on the door, making me face him, his body so close to mine, he held my chin up, eyes burning with passion. His eyes looked really beautiful, his tongue teasing my bottom lip, then my jaw, he worked his way down to my neck. First licking, then bitting, I felt it again, the shiver ran through my spine.  Yes! He was doing it right, he lifted me off the floor, my leg’s crossed round his hip, his hand supporting me, he started to kiss me, his tongue exploring and stroking the inside of my mouth,he took my lower lip in between his lips, he tasted like vodka and pleasure. I didn’t hesitate to respond to his kiss, my hands stroking his kinky hair as I savored our hungry yet intriguing moment. His free hand, fixed on my behind. I unlocked my legs and got on my feet, my dress already rolled up to my waist, revealing my newly aquired red lasenza Lacey half panties. I held his hand as I ushered him into my bedroom, I took my stiletto’s off, making me about 4 inches shorter. I turned to face him, pulled him closer and reached for his tee shirt slowly taking it off as he stood there,his eyes fixed on me,  observing my every move. I unbuckled his belt and reached for his zipper, he held my hand, looking straight into my eyes,my bedroom light wasn’t doing me any favour at that time, good lord his eyes looked beautiful. He peeled off my dress and ushered me to the bed, there i was like an obedient grade one pupil. My breast bare in front of him, his eyes wide from excitement. He gently placed me on the bed and got on top of me, his fingers stroking my hair just the way i loved it, then planted petal kisses on my 36dd’s, his fingers running through them slowly, intentionally avoiding my nipples, his mouth finding my right breast, His tongue exploring every inch of my nipple slightly grazing them with his teeth, assisting himself with his free hand, while his other hand focused mainly on fundling my other breast, there i was embracing that familiar feeling of pleasure and at the same time bitting my lip, trying really hard not to let out a loud moan. He switched sides, cupped my other breast,fundled it for a bit before putting it back in his warm mouth, he went on to kiss my abdomen then all the way to the dampish lace crotch of my panties, which was on the floor in no time, then he spread my legs wide, lowered his head, teasing my tighs with the tip of his fingers, the feeling was almost unrecognized, the thought of Mr hot hotshot kissing me down there was unsettling, l abruptly closed my tighs, like an inexperienced teenager. He looked up at me, and let out a slight laugh, he put my legs back in place more firm pinning them down like there was an invincible rope holding them in place, then he spread my legs wide, he slowly slid in one finger then another inside of me, there was an unfamiliar pain, i let out a slight moan as my body embraced the once familiar feeling, his fingers went in and out of me , then I felt the warmth of his breath between my thighs, he kissed me round my left tigh, then without hesitation he gave my Virginia a slow surface lick. My breathing got faster, he looked up at me then buried his head back in, as his tongue carefully stroked my clit. He could tell I was ready to have him inside of me, my wants climaxing, he stoped  and fished out a condom from his pocket,got on his feet and took off his jean, there was a clear view of his beautifully errect penis, it looked really edible, with strings of pubic hair surrounding it, he slid the condom on and without hesitation got back on the bed, positiond himself perfectly above me, it was a different type of missionary position, his entire body weight was on me, we where breathing as one, he then moved forward so that the base of his penis was in direct contact with my clitoris, my legs wrapped firmly across his thighs and then he was inside me, I felt a sting of guilt as my body absorbed his wholeness inside of me. We moved together in a rhythmic motion. My fingers deep in his back as he got faster, he began to talk dirty, words like ( that’s right baby, good girl and the most unsettling was ‘ who’s your daddy) Chukwudi never used to talk dirty to me. I scowled at him in my head occasionally. I snapped out of my stray thoughts and continued to savior my moment with mr hotshot, he got faster, I could feel the chill all over my body, my legs got shaky, I felt every ounce of fulfilment, my moaning got louder, I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the best clitorial stimulation of my life,I couldn’t hold it any longer, I was ready and in a nano second  I combust and almost immediately and he followed suit, he let out a slight moan of satisfaction as we both tried to catch our breath
   I woke up feeling rather refreshed the next morning, Mr hotshot wasn’t in bed with me his clothes weren’t on the floor either, I silently prayed he was gone. I lay in bed reminiscing all that happened the previous night. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Mr hotshot talking dirty to me. He walked into the room interupting my review, I felt a little bit disappointed and at the same time excited, he was set to leave. He kissed me on the head, I got out of bed, put on my oversized tee shirt, my hair frizzy from last nights marathon.we found our way to my living room. We hugged and he promised to call me later that day, I secretly prayed he didn’t. As i  opened the door, all I was capable of was freezing like I’d just seen a ghost, or worse, my heart beating faster than normal. It was Chukwudi! What was he doing at my house?