image   It had been about two weeks since Chukwudi told me he was getting married to his arranged bride. He had left over fifty messages and up to a thousand missed calls on my phone since that night. I ended up slamming my phone one night when he wouldn’t stop calling. I still couldn’t cry, I guess the pain was too much for my tears to bear. I was cold and I didn’t care about the world. Nothing seemed to comfort me, I didn’t want to talk to Sadia nor Molly, all they wanted to do was console me, and I didn’t want that. For some strange reason i began to feel like the pain and heart ache was a now a part of me, i got tired of  fighting it, fighting it was just to exhausting. Unlike the past when i would channel all my energy towards work, I didn’t feel like my consolation was spending hours and hours at work, I didn’t even want to be at work, All I wanted to do was get laid by a smart, good looking man. I was in desperate need of a one night stand, since chukwudi couldn’t fulfill my needs before he did what he knew how to do best (cause me immense pain). I knew i deserved to get laid, it had been what? Nearly two years since i last had sex. I wanted a total stranger, well not some drunk guy at the club, or some freak on a dating website or some guy from work(yes! I admit I’m a very picky person). I needed someone I could relate too and have the perfect one night stand with, someone I could look at the next morning and give myself a trophy for a job well done, So I began my hunt. I dressed really spicy to the supermarket, looked my best to work, I even went to parks and weekend get hangouts that I dread so much. Who knew finding the perfect one night stand would be exhausting. I was really tempted to open an account on a fancy dating site; then it happened.
It was on a Thursday morning, I’d been drinking the previous night, well it had been more of an every night thing since Chukwudi. I’d overslept and to crown it up; I woke up with a nasty hangover, which rarely happened. I had an important meeting at work in which i was supposed to represent my boss, so rain checking was out of the question. I was already about an hour behind schedule. I rushed into the shower, got dressed and left the house in under twenty minutes. The one sided migraine wouldn’t stop, and it was beginning to get on my nerves. So I decided to stop by a pharmacy on my way to work. The attendant was annoyingly slow or maybe it was just me and my bad mood thinking so. I’d requested for a sachet of Aspirin, and after what seemed like a thousand years she returned to tell me they where out of Aspirin. ‘ you could use Ibuprofen too, it is quite similar to Aspirin’ I looked in the direction of the owner of masculine voice on my left side. Through my over sized glasses I saw him, it was him! I had found my perfect one night stand candidate, I immediately scanned through his finger for a wedding band, he had none,in my head I jumped up and down like a five year old. I smiled at him and managed an apologetic ‘thank you’. I requested for the Ibuprofen and the attendant dashed away to get it. I stretched my hands trying to be as flirty as I could, and luckily for me I had enough alcohol in my system to boost my confidence. Thanks again, I’m ibiyinka I said casually. He smiled and shook me back. I felt a chill rush through my spine as our hands touched. He looked really edible in the blue fitted pant trouser and white long sleeve shirt he wore. His hair low and kinky, he was rather tall, hot caramel skin and from the frame of his shoulder i could tell he was really fit. His beauty; just irresistible. I secretly wish I had time to do my full facial make up that morning, at least all the long hours i spent learning how to make myself up would have paid off. There was just something intriguing about him ( maybe it was the tickle between my legs speaking). We engaged in friendly chit chat until the attendant returned with our order, she handed us our individual bags, he volunteered to pay but my pride won’t allow it.  We both set for the door and left the pharmacy. He had the whole courteous lady’s first attitude and I liked that he had manners. I told him I had to rush to work, we exchanged numbers and promised to talk later. I rushed in my car and drove to work. I had a busy day at work and didn’t even have time to use the medication, the irritating headache started again at night, I reached for the bag of ibuprofen only to find out that the clumsy attendant had given me some kind of protein shake and dietary supplement instead. In the midst of my anger, my pain in the ass migraine, and rumbling tummy; it occurred to me that the clumsy attendant had given me Mr hotshots purchase. I also realized I didn’t get his name earlier ( what is it with me and introductions). Anyway I had a reason to call him now, I reached for my phone for the first time all day. There were couple of missed calls and a message. The message was from Mr hotshot.’ hello Ibiyinka… Trust you had a good day, by the way i Guess the attendant switched our orders. Sorry about that, be good… Tuvi. So Mr hotshots name wasn’t so bad after all ‘Tuvi’. He saved me from having to ask him myself.   I didn’t hesitate to text back, we got talking and to my surprise Mr hotshot was a 28 year old know it all medical doctor, he loved working out, loved reading, listened to Tracy Chapman, Lupe Fiasco and Asa. The only thing we had in common was his taste in music, I dread working out, and I am a senior editor at a publishing
company. At the end of our two hour texting spree I had summed up Mr Hotshot’s personality. He was an ambitious, ego filled, successful and at the same time goofy 28 year old. I just had to hi five myself for a job well done. We decided to use lunch as an excuse to meet up the next day. We met for lunch at a random restaurant not far from my office.  Mr hotshot looked even more yummy at lunch, he wore a black pant trouser and a sky blue cotton short sleeve shirt. My low V neck wrap dress was more than perfect for the occasion, and It was the perfect way to effortlessly flaunt my 36dd’s and yes! I had time to perfect my make up for my date. Mr hotshot wasn’t that bad after all, I couldn’t have hoped for someone else to be my perfect one night stand candidate. Mr hotshot and I got more comfortable around each other over the next three days, our conversations went from casual, to kinky and flirty. we were both single heartbroken people. Well i didn’t know what he was in need of, but i knew i was in desperate need of some back arching sex. We decided to go clubbing that Friday at club #440. After spending hours trying to figure out what to wear, i finally settled for my black low cut v neck dress and red stilettos. We agreed to meet at the club. So i got a cab to drop me off. Mr hotshot looked different that night, in his ripped jean trousers and white polo shirt. I kicked off my night with a double shot of Virgin Peach,  then we had shots, I made sure I had enough to boost my confidence and self esteem ( diary of an inexperienced celibate woman) Mr hotshot was a good dancer, his hands on my hip,as i whined and twirled on the dance floor. Thanks to my signature mini V neck body con dress, I could once again flaunt my 36dd’s and my petite behind. I constantly reminded myself to flirt with him, making eye contact was a necessity at that point. I was feeling rather confident, The DJ suddenly decided to play a slow jam for ‘ the love birds in the house’ I think we slow danced to Sean Words Breathless. For the first time since I met Mr hotshot I was nervous, that moment brought back memories, memories I wish I could relive, memories I wish I could forget. I wasn’t going to let Nostalgia ruin my night. His eyes were filled with want as he looked at me and smiled, I couldn’t dare to hold his gaze, my confidence was suddenly ninety percent low,i reached for his lip and kissed him. I could tell he wanted it, i was in control and i loved it. for a moment I was hesitant, but I didn’t want him having second thoughts so I went for it. His lips surprisingly soft, his kiss was more wild and spontaneous,he grabbed my behind as he went on to savor the taste of my tongue, I was surprised for a nano second, but for some reason I seemed to get more turned on. His kiss was nothing like chukwudi’s slow subtle passionate kiss. We danced for a while and then decided to call it a night.  He volunteered to take me home.  That was it, the moment I and the tickle between my legs had been looking forward to all week long. To have Mr hotshot behind closed doors. Nothing was going to ruin it. Not even the forces could dare to be against me…