It was even more heart-wrenching than I had anticipated for Chukwudi. Tuvi clearly aware that he was to stay clear of the ensuing drama gave me a hushed peck on the cheek before walking to his car. Chukwudi never took his gaze off me, his eyes smoky with betrayal, his look of utter dejection and horror. I left him at the door and walked back in to sit on the couch. I couldn’t say a word. There was no denying it. I was with another man last night. That man, the one that just walked past him. He had come to tell me that he called off the wedding and challenged his father to either accept me or lose him. He was in love with me and begged me to take him back now with more urgency than I’d even seen before. I was triumphantly pleased. He didn’t think I’d live without him? You’re wrong, mister. Many want what you clearly don’t cherish.  Burying his head in my lap as his tears snowballed into wails. Chukwudi was crumpled, shaken to his core. I’d never seen him like this, passionate about me. This was real. His feelings were real. I started to cry too.


I wanted to see her again. I had to see her again. It’s funny. She looked a mess that day at the pharmacy. I could tell she had a wild night and tried to cover it up with a morning shower and makeup. I empathized with her haven been a victim of wild nights myself and when the pharmacist whom I thought was being slow for no reason told her she was out of aspirin, I offered Ibuprofen as a suggestion. In fact, I blurted it out. There was something cute about her dejection. I just wanted to reach out, give her a hug and tease the mess out of her like an old pal would. She introduced herself visibly checking me out but was a bit self-conscious that she didn’t notice I didn’t give her my name. We had the slight casual banter as we waited on the pharmacist. I could tell she wasn’t fully sober yet but her voice was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. Damn! I offered to pay for her order just to keep her around. She was running late though so we exchanged numbers. I’m horrible with follow-through so I knew right there and then this was it for me and Ms. Wild Nights even though I promised to call her.

When I got to the gym, I found out that I had her ibuprofen prescription. I laughed. This had to be some kind of cosmic play. Good one, universe. I texted her on the obvious slip-up since I know for people who work, texts are the best way to get their attention at their convenience. That’s how it is at my practice. She texted back and we got talking. I found out she hated working out, loved my music preferences and worked as a publishing editor. I did tell her I was one of the youngest pediatricians in Abuja haven graduated from Howard Medical School and done my residency at Saint Joseph’s in Chicago. The thing that struck me about her was that she could take a joke and run with it. We spent some time goofing around on how inept the pharmacist was and what would have happened if we hadn’t exchanged numbers. She said she would have had to bulk up on my protein shake. I found that hilarious and yet highly believable. We agreed to lunch the next day and she gave me the address to her office. She looked even better then.
It was a cool week with Ms. Wild Nights. I found out she was single and her ex like mine was real shitty. We decided to go out Friday night. I suggested #440, a club a pal of mine manages. She knew the place and it was a go. When I saw her that night, as she got out the cab it was like a ton of bricks dropped on me. I was winded man. I mean, she had a killer body, just the way I like my women but her eyes, her eyes lit up when she saw me and she smiled. I was just gone with that smile. She already had me at offering to bulk up on my shake. This was just overkill. We then got in and had shots, lots of them. I have to admit, she held her liquor very well, even bested me; then we danced, first to House, then EDM. The DJ decided to slow things down with old school Shayne Ward. As we closed in on each other, I noticed she’d become sad but was trying to fight it. Obviously, this song had history for her and all I wanted to do was kiss her. She beat me to it, and I thanked her, with fervor pulling her close to me. We left #440 not long after. She made to get a cab but I had to take her home. I wasn’t going to let her out alone on the streets of Abuja this late.

On the drive, I have to admit, I was anxious. I had become weary of women following Grace’s betrayal. And though I felt a strong connection to this woman, two things troubled me. Did she feel the same? Was this going too fast? I’d tried the casual sex thing back in the States. They were never really connecting encounters and I hated that emptiness, not immediately but after a while. Grace was the last straw. She was the one I invested emotion in and connected with before and after sex. She had other plans though, plans that didn’t involve me. But here I was with a beautiful woman who clearly knew how to have fun and was cool. I was going to let the night just play out. No need to over-analyze. We got to her apartment and she invited me in.

She had a nice ass. I don’t know man; my apprehensions were gone here and now. I was gonna fuck this girl. I just had to be sure she wanted it too so I held her and kissed her neck…

I woke an hour before she did. She was as beautiful now as she was at the club. I got up and looked around her place. It was a pretty decent apartment. She loved reading novels, I could tell as she had books all over the place. Baldacci wasn’t bad. I then saw a picture framed on the wall. She was cuddled up to a man. He looked bougie, probably the son of a politician. I knew this was the ex. Why did she still have his picture up? She probably hadn’t let go. That was never a good sign. I knew I had to leave. This was what it was, a good time for both of us; nothing more. I had to keep it that way. I went back to the room, put on my clothes and went to get a drink of water from the kitchen faucet. I heard movement in the bedroom so I figured she was up. I went to say goodbye. She was staring at the ceiling and was laid back in bed when I walked in. I must have startled her as she reacted oddly on seeing me still around.  I kissed her on the head and told her I was heading out. She got out of bed to see me off and as she walked naked to grab a shirt, I once again gazed upon the Amazon goddess I could not possess. It sucked man. At the door, we hugged and by default I promised I’d call her later, a remark I regretted making as soon as the words left my mouth. She muttered something incoherent in reply. She then opened the door and there stood the ex, disheveled and almost irate. As soon as he saw me, his countenance changed. I’d never seen a man go from 100 to 0 that quick. It was pitiful but I still felt he was a bitch for fucking Yinka over. Common sense told me to extricate myself from this situation so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and made for my car without saying a word to the guy. I could hear them go inside and shut the door behind them.

As I approached my car, I ran the events of the past five days in my head. I hadn’t been as happy recently as I had been these past five days. Grace crushed the last fiber of my being when she left me in the States for a woman and since I got back to Abuja, it had been one empty connection after another. But with Yinka, this was different, this was not just sex. I shared great vibes with that girl, even in that short span of time and now the undeserving ex was going to swoop back in? Fuck no; I said to myself as I walked back to her apartment, I want that woman…

P.s Raymond rocks  😍😍😍