She walked to the window, not for once looking at me. There she was, standing in the same spot i stood in, as i watched her lover drive off . Just as i was about to tell her how much of a whore she’d become, she cut me off and began;

” you know jibola, it’s funny how life works. You hurt people every other day and when they decide to give you at taste of your own sauce, they become the monsters”

She just stood there, her back turned to me. I wondered what she was talking about, as i tried to calm my nerves. It was obvious she wanted to play the whole reverse psychology bullshit on me. Bella was as clueless as clueless could get and i intended to leave it that way.
“What nonsense are you on about”

I asked.

How dare you jibola?

She turned and looked at my for the first time since she got to the window. Her eyes were blood shut, anger all over her face. She walked up to me with fury in her eyes, her hands trembled but not out of fear. She wasn’t scared. All i saw was furry. Bella stopped right in front of me and slapped me with all the force her tiny hands would allow. I didn’t see it coming, so I just stood there looking at her with my mouth  wide open from shock. I wanted to portray the image of the victimised son in law when I narrated this awful night to her mother. So I Just l stood there looking dumbly at her as she walked back towards the window pane.

“How dare you ask why I found comfort and solace in the hands of another man?”
For 5 years Jibola! I have taken care of every single member of this family but myself. I have loved and waited for you to come back to me. I have prayed and fasted. I have gone on intense diets and done over the top workouts. Why? Because I loved you, because I wanted to remain the woman you married. Hell I was striving to become a 4.0 upgraded version.

From Kemi with the big booty, to kinky Pella, to the threesome you had with the girls from unilag. Lets not forget about all the other ones in between and of course your newly found vixen who is presently some street’s away.

My knees were suddenly weak. I just couldn’t get myself to digest everything Bella was telling me. How did she find out?

“ I have prayed and fasted for as long as this problem started. I would say to myself that it was just a bad phase in our marriage and you will come back to your senses in no time, but boy was I wrong. I prayed that you would love like you used to, but then i realised you never really loved me. I know what being with a man that loves you really feels like. Someone who is willing to be there for you on your best and worst days. That was never a trait you portrayed Jibola. But it’s fine.

Not a single drop of tears rolled out of her eyes. She walked past me and stopped at the door.

I am leaving you Jibola. I’m taking everything I invested in this relationship with me. The kids and of course my money. You can keep the house and the car.

“And of course, I know of the private account you opened under the alias of the company. I did you a solid and left you with 2 million. The divorce papers are in the last drawer of the study table, I already signed.”

She walked out of the study leaving me with nothing. I wasn’t going to ever return to the broke life. I didn’t deserve it, hell I worked too hard to get out of it. I went back to the bar and downed more vodka. I heard the door to the bedroom close, her voice becoming closer and more audible. She was on the phone with the lambo guy, and he was coming to pick her up in half an hour. I rushed up to her and tried to plead with her to stay. I promised her I was going to change. In my drunken state I didn’t realise I was holding her too tight. As I pushed her to wall to get her to stop struggling with me, she hit her head hard against the wall. I kept on talking. Telling her she was going to stay with me no matter what. I threatened to kill her if she dared take my children to another man. I hit her in the face two more times and asked her if she could hear me. But she wasn’t screaming anymore. I couldn’t hear her beg me to let her go. She became limp in my grip. I moved her from the wall only to find blood sliding from the back of her head. I put her on the ground, as I tried repeatedly to wake her up to no avail. She wasn’t breathing…

Love Abenii