Just as I stood in front of the TV, watching these children talk about various ingredients and recipes on CBS’s Man vs Child. I totally forgot about how late I was for work and how my boss would have my head. I just stood there with my shoes hanging on my fingers as my office bag struggled to stay on my shoulder. The little Asian girl, not older than the age of seven was competing with a grown man of about 45 years of age or older, the snow of white hair crowding his faint blonde hair made it a bit tasking to know if the white hair was from stress or age. He struggled to keep up with the little Asia culinary dragon as she chopped thing and explain what she was doing and why it had to be done that way, to the judges and her fellow teammates, The eldest being thirteen years of age. In her cameo appearance the little Asian culinary dragon explained how much she loved cooking. Explaining recipes, and various food escapades with friends and family. She spoke with so much passion and courage, it was evident she loved cooking.  My eyes were still fixed on the little culinary dragon as though I was in trance as I watched her chop some greens with such expertise. The strong vibration of my phone snapped me back to the present. Dropping my shoes as my office bag found it’s way to the ground, I rushed to pick up my phone, it was my Co worker Rasheeda in her usual alarmingly high pitched voice asking why I wasn’t at work at 8:20. I stared at the time on my phone in disbelief, I had been watching the show for about 30 minutes. I told her I was on my way and begged her to cover up for me.

On my drive to work I couldn’t help but remember the pretty little dragon in the CBS studio kitchen, chopping and chatting with so much enthusiasm. She obviously loved what she was doing and she is nothing short of favoured having found something she is crazy about and could make a decent living off. I tried to think of exactly what it was I loved, something that could bring the kind of professional fire I saw in that little girls eyes. I mean I love something’s Film making, entertainment, food, writing, and other stuff. But I just couldn’t get myself to pin point exactly what it was that I was crazy about enough to get me that excited.

I’d like to believe that everyone has something they are crazy about, something they see themselves doing for the rest of their lives. Not because it is what they have settled for, but something they are genuinely invigorated by. Something they truly appreciate, believe in and would do irrespective of what they get from it.

Whatever it is you are passionate about comes naturally, with little or no effort. Brushing up to get better at it will come to you as a walk in the park instead of a tiring chore.

You just haven’t found whatever it is you are crazy about, or rather it hasn’t found you. It’s in there somewhere all it needs is a little push. Its okay to wait it out by being open minded and professionally versatile until your crazy finds you.

But there will be no mistaking when it finally finds you. No experience is wasted, test the waters and if you are brave enough, take a dive. Whatever the outcome.. We move still.

Love Abenii