I remember that night vividly… Like it was an hour ago, it was the night Chukwudi promised to make me ‘a woman’ the night he promised to introduce me to the other side of me I never knew existed. A night of so many unfulfilled promises. Well what basically happened that night was nothing more than Chukwudi popping my cherry now that I think of it; the sex wasn’t all that,it lasted way too long and I was in pain and I had a tear and I suffered for about four days. But in the midst of all the discomfort I was eager to learn more, to feel the unexplainable excitement and chill down my spine, and most importantly to hear Chuck’s say he owned me and no one else will ever make me feel this way and I was his forever. It always made me feel some type of sweet way whenever he said those words and he knew the power it had over me. So when he said those exact same words in his hotel room four years later all I felt was this burning heat from within, I wish it was the heat of Passion but it wasn’t; it was pure unadulterated anger. Something I didn’t even know I felt. And I knew exactly why I was angry. I was angry because Chukwudi was a two timing, lying, manipulative, twisted, self centered, son of a bitch. I was upset that despite all he had done to me, he had the impetus to say those words to me. What was he expecting to happen though? He probably hoped my knees would get weak, my heart would race  and then I’d comburst and tell him I love him. None of that was ever going to happen  and most importantly I was angry because the sex wasn’t that good and I was at the verge of receiving a query at work.  I realized he was close to letting out, so I withdrew from his grip, and left him hanging.
   On my way to work I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself, even though it took me 4 years of being his yes girl, I was glad it was finally over. I replayed my final words to him in his hotel room just before I left in the most elegant yet dramatic manner I could have ever pulled off. The terror and shock in his eyes made me feel nothing but endless glee. Chukwudi couldn’t believe I was walking out of his life for good. And after cursing and yelling he promised i was going to be back. He said he was all i knew, and he was damn wrong! I walked away and nothing was ever going to bring me back to him. I wasn’t even going to dwell on how I wasted four years of my life on a guy named Chukwudi Rejoice Peters. I decided to do some soul searching of my own.I decided to invest in work, so i requested to work on the Omeliora case. A fifteen year old prose savant who already had three best sellers to her name was in talking with the firm to have us publish her new work. The top three vipers I worked with were also interested in this particular deal, I had about zero percent hope but for some unknown and weird reason my boss decided I was the best man for the job. I had a whole week to prepare and make sure I signed the deal.
    About five days after closing the Chukwudi chapter, Tuvi messaged to ask if I was interested in going to the movies later that night. To be fair I know ignoring him was a terrible thing to do and I sort of felt guilty because he was nothing but a sweet young man, whom in a way helped me see Chukwudi for the skunk he was. So I agreed to go to the movies with Mr hotshot . Tuvi looked as effortlessly elegant as ever, he got two tickets to watch ” The great Gatsby” I remember I told him the book was one of my favorites and I was impressed he didn’t forget. The movie was beautiful, Leonardo DiCaprio killed it. When Jay died protecting the love of his life; Daisy, and she didn’t have the decency to go for his burial or send her condolence. It got me thinking, I didn’t want to end up like Jay neither did I want to be the Daisy in anyone’s life. I just wanted to be the little Miss sunshine in everyone’s life. So I decided I was going to take things slow with Tuvi, explain to him that I didn’t want anything serious, well not for a while. I was going to tell him after the movie. The last thing I wanted was to lead him on. We got engaged in a little post movie critique over a bottle of wine at some fancy place I didn’t know even existed in Abuja. It was time to tell Tuvi how I really felt, as I proceeded to start the conversation, Tuvi suddenly had something to say, after pushing back and fort we agreed for him to go first, it seemed like he had good news. But I swear by everything holy and pure I wasn’t expecting what came out of Tuvi’s mouth…