I was about ten step’s away from knocking on Yinka’s door and creating what would be the greatest scene in my entire existence. Then I thought to myself, was this confrontation necessary? The devil on my left shoulder wanted me to go in there and pour my heart out to Yinka, risk a 70 percent chance of being humiliated in the presence of that rat faced jerk and well possibly beat the shit out of his two timing self while I was at it, but The angel on my right shoulder made me realize my action will probably put too much pressure on her, and  giving her a reason to get with her shit face ex was the last thing I wanted. So I returned to my car and drove home half mad and half convinced I did the right thing. Days went by and I couldn’t get myself to stop thinking about Yinka, God! The thought of Her body and her weird laugh clouded my mind. I’d hoped for days that she was going to call but there was nothing. The girl needed time to think and make up her mind, and I had enough of it to spare.


After chukwudi left my house that morning, I was more confused than ever. A part of me wanted to give him another chance for the umpteenth time, While the other part of me forbade me from thinking about him.
  I’d promised to give him an answer by Thursday, and it was Thursday already. I knew what I wanted and I was well aware of what I deserved and Chukwudi wasn’t part of it. I was sure I didn’t want to be with his two timing, lying self anymore, I played my memorized speech over and over again in my head as I  got out of my car. Telling the man I loved for so many years I didn’t want to have anything to do with him ever again at nine a.m on a drizzling Thursday morning was one thing, me foolishly deciding to do it in person right before going to work was the king of dumb moves. I felt more confident in front of my mirror an hour before as I admired myself in my black three quarter body con skirt and nude chiffon wrap top. At this point matching this outfit with black red soles was worse than a terrible hair day on a monay morning. My feets where sweating and i could tell i was walking in an awkward manner. Thank goodness I was the only one on the walk way, I began to have second thought’s and questioned my feelings.
I summoned every ounce of courage and I knocked on his room door and in no time he opened up, chukwudi looked fresh, elegant and edible in his all black traditional outfit, there was no way in hell I was going to dump this hot slice of freshly baked chocolate cake. We sat at opposite ends of the couch, his eyes fixed firmly on mine, he asked what my final decision was as if he was certain I was going to take his lying ass back, sad part is I actually wanted his lying ass back, I wasn’t sure I wanted his lying ass back forever but I knew I wanted him right there on that couch or the table six feet’s away. I cautioned my thought and tried to hold his gaze, I told him I was confused and needed more time. He moved closer to me, eyes still fixed on mine, my heart began to beat faster, my heart pleading with me to leave and never return, but my body was in contrast. My body wanted him all over me doing different exciting things. Before i could think of an excuse as to why this was a recipe for disaster, He pulled me close, forcing me against his chest, His lip was on mine in no time, waiting for a go ahead, breathing heavily. I lost all sense of reasoning as I parted my lip. His kiss was rough and warm not exactly how I remembered it to be but I still went ahead. Before I knew it we were on our feet peeling  off every piece of clothing we had on.  He spent few seconds appreciating my every curve with his eyes before he pulled me back in and continued to kiss me then his hands came to life as he let his fingers find their way to my ready sex,  with two fingers inside of me,the feeling was more uncomfortable than it was Tuvi, this was different, it was rough fast and slightly hurtful. I felt him and I could tell he was already filled with want as the the level of his arousal increased. He let go of my mouth as he turned me  over  the table in front of us, yes! The table, My legs apart, one hand firm on my back, the other firm on my behind. In a nano second he was inside of me,He didn’t slow down movement, i was excited mainly because i had never been bent over. my breast going back and forth, he spanked my behind and the words that followed changed everything for good…