Dearest Delila,
I trust you are doing inevitably fine today, your beautiful smile ever so radiant.
I must confess I haven’t been able to get you off my mind ever since you spilled your cup of coffee all over me sixteen days ago. The beautiful glow in your hazel eyes, the beauty of your nappy hair, and your captivating smile. I still get tingles all over whenever I recall your warm touch as you attempted to wipe off the coffee stain from my shirt. I couldn’t get my eyes off the undone bottons of your white shirt,as it revealed your beautiful cleveage.the way your hips looked in that clingy knee length skirt. All I could think of was having you all to myself for just one night, totally ignoring the burn from the hot coffee. I knew I was no good for you and tried really hard to get you out of my mind.
You made my dreams come through the night you came over to my hotel room. Your tongue roaming my mouth as you leaned over to give me a farewell kiss, I remember standing there with my eyes closed, letting you do all you wanted to do to me, you took of your blue wrap dress revealing your perfectly shaped breast, your black thong; hanging slightly beneth your petit hips above your beautiful flawless gold skin, you got on your knees; and unzipped my pants… And  got straight to “work”. Slightly licking the side of my manhood and you continued your tease, taking in every inch of me until I was finally ready to have you. A warn to resist overclouded by my urge to persist. Pushing me to the bed as you got on top of me, slowly sliding inside, like you where born ready for me. Your back arced and our bodies moving in a slow rhythm then faster, harder and more demanding. your hazel eyes burning with passion and lust as you  came close dug into my skin and you combust and i followed suit, making you crash on my bare chest.
I have recalled this amazing night for days and tried really hard to convince my self that you Dont deserve to die like the others, but then again you are just like the rest of them. I do promise to make it really quick as soon as I’m done fucking the shit out of you. I’d probably use a machete, I know it is the only single weapon I possess in my “toy box”. Mind you Delila; there is no escaping, by the time you get this lovely letter I will be nothing less than 10 feet away from you.patiently waiting And if you do decide to run… I do love a challenge mon cherrí. My oh my Delilah; I will get you and I won’t be very graceful my love. See you at the rest of your life my love.

Your love,