Remember when you where first introduced to the classes of nutrients? Either in your science or home economics class And you had to memorize it. Good old day.
Let’s see how this classes best describe men.

The protein Dude

They are the closest you can get to finding the perfect man physically. they’ve got the looks, the attitude, and swag. The thing about them is, they know you want them, in some cases need them and this makes majority of them errr… what’s the perfect word? “Shallow”? “vain”? they’ll hardly come chasing after any girl because majority want them. which is not totally a bad thing,It could be considered a turn on though. They can’t  help but gloat, most times unintentionally. If you eventually get lucky and get him to put his ego aside, then bless you. But still,you would really want to hold on tight because it just might be a bumpy ride.

The carbohydrate Bloke.

well well, we are all aware that carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and without them,the body could not function properly and we also know how deadly it is to have excess Of it. Well this type of blokes are instant charmers, they are totally lovable and hardly resistable. You know they are good for you and you want to keep them around for a very long time. But then you don’t want to take advantage of them because things could turn out pretty bad.

The fat Guy

They are really attractive and smooth talker’s, they are the Casanovas. You know you Dont want them around, you know they are no good for you,but resisting them is almost impossible. They are really seductive and sometimes irresistible. But if you are lucky enough to tame them down and clip their wild wings then its all smooth sailing.

The vitamin lad:

They are usually the tamed ones, they keep you at your best behavior all the time and are quite strict. Bear in mind that they have their wild sides and all you need to do, is get comfortable around them and just maybe, you could get them to open up to you.

The mineral honk:

They require a lot of work, only the patient and attentive can get to know them. You need to be around them, know their likes and dislikes. They tend to be a little weird, patience is required and  most importantly you have to understand them before you can even be friends.

The water man

They are the happiest and most down to earth. They are free spirited and hardly get upset. I mean they have no reason to feel sad or depressed, they shake off whatever tends to make them sad. They are the best type of lovers and friends. They rarely hurt anyone,You just can’t get enough of them.

The Fiber Geezer’s.

They are not exactly the love at first sight type of dude,they Dont scream “I’m a Brad Pitt wanna be”. They mostly lack those physical features that make you drool. They are supper smart though, and once you let them in, you tend to realize how sweet they are, their chances of hurting you are pretty slim and most importantly they ain’t going nowhere if you treat them right. But be warned; they have a pretty nasty side if you push them to the edge.