Chapter 1( starter)


My dear molly, 
   I promised to tell you all about him in my next mail, I believe i am mentally ready to let it all out. 
We met around December 1999, we started off as mail buddies. Our conversation s were occasional at first then we grew fond of one another, couple of months later he asked me out,i found him quite charming and humorous. Even though we hadn’t met in person we shared pictures via the internet and mail. He worked far away in Vietnam as a war correspondent with my cousin Sadia. I didn’t hope for something serious at first, and falling in love with anyone was the last thing I wanted to deal with. At the onset he seemed really caring and he took the “relationship” quite seriously. Few months later, I found my self anticipating his return to Nigeria for summer. I was counting days, hours and minutes. I just couldn’t wait to see him, but then I was also nervous; what if I wasn’t close to what he had envisaged? Even though we shared pictures couple of times I was scared I wasn’t going to meet up his expectations. Molly “i cared”and that scared me to death. On his arrival to Nigeria we had an argument, he read a note I sent to my cousin when we started dating. I told my cousin I wasn’t really into him, I thought he was taking the relationship too serious and that he needed to slow down. I noticed his strange demeanor and sudden change of inclination towards me, I just didn’t know what was wrong and when he finally let the cat out of the bag; I was dumbfounded. I feared he was going to end the relationship, lord! I remember crying my eyes out and praying to God for a second chance. I took in my pride and “apologised” but he seemed way upset; in a subtle way. He said he needed time to think and that scared me. I sat there in front of the telephone, anxiously waiting for him to call me…

© 2014 Abeni