Chapter three (entrée)

Things got back to normal for a short period of time, then it turned for the worse. He started acting wierd , I mean he was always busy, he didn’t have time to reply my messages or calls and he always had an excuse for his late replies. I was bothered and I remember asking him what the problem was and he said there was nothing wrong, but I could feel it; I just knew there was a problem, I wrote to Sadia to know if she knew anything about his sudden change of attitude and to my surprise she was covering up for him too, all she said was that I should remain calm. Days went by and we didn’t talk, and that was very unusual so I decided to call him. He sounded tensed and after asking him few questions he finally let it all out, he was having issues at work and he was facing dismissal. He said he didn’t want to stress me with his problems. ( i still don’t understand what , “not stressing me with his problems mean”) What actually hurt me was the fact that he told sadia not to tell me about it. We had been going out for over 7 months and I never hid a thing from him, and the fact that he kept things away from me meant just one thing; he didn’t trust me. I tried as much as possible to be there for him,ignoring all odds and signs. But everything I did wasn’t good enough, I got sick and tired of his excuses and his constant evasiveness. I flared up one evening and we ended up not talking for weeks. He then messaged me, apologising and telling me how much I meant to him but molly it just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t get my self to believe a word he said. I felt like I had lost him, like he felt bad for me and he remained in the relationship based on pity. I needed the the guy I knew 7 months ago back. I wanted my mans attention, love and time. Funny thing is , i knew he was getting with other hot girls in Riyadh, on few occasion’s he contradicted himself and gave way more information than he ought too. But i wasn’t too upset . excuse my foolishness dear, it’s amazing what a woman in love would stomach. Anyway I decided to break up with him. Hoping he would get back on his feet and fight for what we had. Darling you are allowed to shoot me in the face for the amount of stupid things i did…