Chapter two (main Dish)

He called hours later, he wanted to work things out. Two days later we went on a date, it took hours before I could find what to wear, my heart was racing, my tummy was rumbling, i was just too nervous. After wasting hours being confused, i finally got ready and left the house.
We decided to meet up at some gaming center in town, well i was already about two hours late and still felt like shit. I kept on trying really hard to convince myself that everything was going to be alright, but every part of me begged me to turn back. And being a wimp that i am, i gladly welcomed the idea and made for the exit , when a masculine voice called out to me from lord knows where. I turned and tried to trace the voice half excited it might be him and half praying it wasn’t him. The voice came from the first floor and as i found the owner of the loud masculine voice my heart sank. It was him, and he told me to wait right there as he hurried down the stairs to meet me on the ground floor. Gracious lord! He looked better in person. He had this James Dean smile,( not as cute as James Dean’s of course) but he had an innocent smile, you know those genuine smiles that reach the eyes? Yes that was his kind of smile. We hugged for the first time, All these emotions and excitement running through my mind. Molly i wished to stay wrapped in his arms forever. We played table hockey at the arena, I remember whooping his ass at most of the games we played, I think he let me win. We saw the movie kill bill at the cinema, we got caught up in the moment, he leaned forward and kissed me. I felt what Cassandra Clare explained in her novel “clockwork angel” 

For a moment their mouths pressed hotly together, Will’s free hand tangling in her hair. Tessa gasped when his arms went around her, her skirts snagging on the floor as he pulled her hard against him. She put her hands lightly around his neck; his skin was burning hot to the touch. Through the thin wet material of his shirt, she could feel the muscles of his shoulders, hard and smooth. …”  

I spent a night at his house the following weekend, he made dinner, gave me the this beautiful pair of green boots he got for me. I really loved them,they fit perfectly and I just didn’t want to take them off. We smoked weed, laid in bed and watched something on the television. He began stroking my thigh, gradually lifting my short white dress, oh I tried so hard not to be distracted but the warmth of his fingers against my body was just too steamy. I remember turning off the television,and pouncing on him, I couldn’t not do it. I leaned down and kissed him, inhaling the sweet fragrance of his perfume and secretly marveled by his masculinity. He took off my bra, slowly worked his way up to my breast, the sounds I made where incredible, love mixed with sweet pleasurable satisfaction. I wasn’t shy at all to show that I liked exactly what he was doing to me, my breath became faster and the sounds I made more frantic until I gasped… 
We went on two more dates before he received a transfer letter, to resume work immediately at a small village in Riyadh. I didn’t want him to leave, even though we spent less than a month together, I had no regrets and for the first time In my life I thought of spending the rest of my life with him. Our relationship was just disturbingly perfect considering that it was a long distance relationship, and soon mother nature proved me right. One thing led to another in a very mixed up situation and i found out he was fooling around with this child he met a while ago, I knew little about it but I found out he “denied” being in a relationship with me. Oh my! I was just too upset, yet I foolishly forgave his ass, i wish someone had told me that was just the beginning of the drama ….