“Wait a minute! Are you insane?” I asked myself as I sat in my car and continued to cry. Why would Banjo do this to me? What did I do wrong? For him to decide to bring a tramp into my matrimonial home and even do it on our bed? I knew he was seeing someone, I just didn’t believe he would have the balls to bring her into our home. This wasn’t the first time, but trust me it hurt more. What if I hadn’t missed my flight? What if I never got to find out? They needed to pay; Banjo needed to hurt. So I wiped my face, took my shoes off, went into the kitchen and took my omo orogun( I had to unleash the the yooruba girl in me). Can you imagine that girl had the nerves to still lay in my bed after I’d stormed out moments ago. I bet she was shocked to see me back in the room. The anger in me multiplied. I still can’t explain what came over me but I know I gave her the beating of her life. Focusing mainly on her knee and her feet, I made sure I hit the omo orogun real hard, this is an experience she won’t dare forget in a hurry. I probably broke her bone, but at that point I really didn’t care about what damage was being done. Come to think of it the girl was about two sizes bigger than me, one would think she would have being able to defend herself, I hadn’t gotten physical with anyone since my tomb boy terrordays in high school. But I’m really glad that part of me still existed and it came out exactly when I needed it to. Banjo was to scared to even utter a word, he had never seen me like this. I was like a wild bull on rampage; She managed to push me off and limp away half naked. I was too satisfied to run after her. Totally ignoring Banjo, I went into the bathroom, had my bath and wore that bum shorts he loved and a crop top, and also took my time to make up. I didnt have a plan yet. He was in the guest room now; I went to meet him and he was just lost, he must have thought I was possessed he couldn’t hide it. He tried to explain but then I didn’t have time to listen to him go on about how the devil put his penis
in her vagina. “Dinner is served baby. I made your favorite; basmati rice and shrimp sauce. I also got you fresh juice my love”. I grabbed his hand and tried to walk him to the dining, Banjo got on his knees and began to cry apologizing for what happened earlier. “Please Banjo stop being dramatic, all that is in the past”. He looked lost, he got his car key and left the house. Days went by and he didn’t return home, I kept on sending him flowers and lunch. Posting his pictures on Instagram and tweeting about how I had the best husband in the world and how he would never cheat on me. It went on for two weeks, I didn’t set my eyes on him. Only for his mum to send for me, wanting to know why I have been trying to kill her son? I ignored her and for weeks he kept on telling friends and family members to appeal to me. All I did was make sure he told them exactly what happened. Truth is I never wanted to kill him. All I wanted was for him to suffer, and live. In paranoia.