Don’t be scared my little angel,I promise to be gentle with you and I know you are going to cherish every moment of it; Zana said as he stroked Maimunah’s left breast,while she lay there in tears. I don’t want you to be scared of me,we are about to become one. You are now mine, he said; like one who just found treasure. I promise to enrol you in the community secondary school as soon as you give birth to our first sonĀ , he said with pride.
Ā  Ā Her body totally frivolous of expression,maimuha lay on the matrass in the small unpainted room, expressionless,as Zana caressed her body slowly. Admireing his new bride and her obviously new pant,as heĀ  undressed himself. She felt as though an elephant had pounced on her just as Zana crawled up on her,all she could do was wonder Why her?Ā  As she felt his manhood inside of her, she knew it was over. The little shred of faith she had was lost, there was nothing left. No one could save her at this point.
Ā  Ā All she did was cry, waving all her dreams of going to the university in the city and becoming a surgeon goodbye,then the thought of saving her dying father’s life with the dowry Ā Zana paid Gave her a little bit of comfort, it made her feel like she had accomplished something at the age of fourteen. At least she saved her loved one’s life and that was a good thing she thought to her self. The smelly sweat dripping on her from Zanas face and the very disturbing sound he made kicked Maimunah back to reality as she struggled to open her eyes and look at the man callous enough to snatch her virginity. Zana looked at her with a very fulfilled smile as he wiped some of the blood off the sheets with a white material.
Ā  Ā  Ā That was the best four rounds of my life,you are indeed a woman now, get up and get dressed while I show our people the proof of dignity and womanhood; he said as he wore his kaftan and stepped out joyfully. The excruciating pain Maimunah felt inside was indeed strange to her,the weakness, as if an oak tree landed on her,the thirst,the pain. The disappointment and Ā the terrible terribleĀ  feeling of being outmaneuvred by faith and circumstance. everything turned blur and faded into total darkness. It was over, she had lost the battle to a forty five year old man,she thought to herself as she bleed helplessly till everything faded…