Waking up and knowing I’ll never see you again is probably the scariest

thing ever. Knowing that I will never hear your voice, get upset whenever

you try to prove that you are always right and that I am still a child no

matter how old I am. I always forget how fast time flies, how you won’t be

there with me forever, how much you have changed over the years and how

much I need to let you know that I love you.

We spend so much time expressing our emotions to someone who will

probably break our heart and Dont think it’s requisite to show gratitude to

you always. We Sometimes say the most hurtful things to you forgetting how

out actions affect you and how much you hurt, yet we still pour our burdens

on you and expect you to automatically find a solution not caring about the

measures you have to go through to make it happen. We feel it is totally

acceptable to misbehave because we know that at the end of the day you are

still going to be there for us anyway; we see it as your duty… Forgetting

that you have a choice to walk away and never look back.

The thought of you aging and someday leaving me all alone in the world is

beyond unnerving. No amount of time the creator allows you to spend here

will be enough. No matter how far I stray away, upset you, hurt you and say

I hate you… You are always there for me to protect me, accept me for who

and what I am. You are the one person that has never judged me. You love me

unconditionally irrespective of what I look like or what the society thinks

of me.

Looking at you and realizing how much you have changed physically,

emotionally and mentally… I just wish I could spend more time with you

just for you to know how much I appreciate you. I am busy trying to grow up

forgetting you are getting older. Nothing I do can ever beat all you have

done for me, how much you have sacrificed for me and how much time you have

spent cleaning up after me. I Dont show it very often neither do I show as

much gratitude like I should. I am sorry for being an ass. Most importantly I am happy to have come to the world through you.